WiiU Release

Dubuque, Iowa-Nintendo’s new console, the WiiU is set to be released this Sunday Novemeber, 18th in North America. This system would mark Nintendo’s first attempt at high definition gaming. But what is surprising to gamer’s is that Nintendo is selling the system then less for what it is worth claiming that manufacturing cost are too high. Nintendo plans on selling the WiiU in two bundles. The Wii U price for the 8GB Basic Set is $299.99 and includes the white 8GB console, GamePad (white), two AC adapters  sensor bar and an HDMI cable.  The price for the 32GB Deluxe Set is $349.99 and includes the black 32GB console, GamePad (black), two AC adapters  sensor bar a sensor bar, an HDMI cable, GamePad cradle, GamePad stand and console stand. For more information from Nintendo click here

The new gamepad Nintendo is adding to the system is what is really attracting consumers to the new console. The gamepad will provide players with new opportunities to play games in a different way and also play games on the gamepad while being able to use the WiiU console and television for other uses.

Nintendo selling the game at a loss can be dangerous, but they hope to make back sales in categories such as new accessories and games at launch. The system is backwards compatible with Wii games. Tom Kelly from Video Games Ect. thinks that, “Nintendo has been around long enough where it really isn’t a big gamble for them.”  Game developers such as Microsoft did the same thing when releasing the Xbox 360.

For more information on where you can get your WiiU on Sunday and Video Games Ect. Click Here

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