Week One of Forward Thinkings Womens History Month Spotlights

A new organization named Forward Thinking have started their own way of recognizing strong women who tend to go unrecognized. Starting last week, 6 important women on campus were put together and into the spotlight

Foward Thinking Vice President Nicole Platt had this to say when asked why the organization put together this event

“We decided to spotlight women on campus because in this society, strong women are often overlooked regardless of their accomplishments. We wanted to make sure that women making a difference on campus were shown gratitude and love.”

As stated prior, 6 women were chosen that all have a variety of roles and jobs, but each has an important impact on those who come in contact with them.

In an interview, Marketing and Admissions Dani Dodds said she is very grateful for this spotlight, as everyone on campus seems to be working hard and someone going out of their way to put this together is refreshing.

Kelsey Callahan, assistant director of Student Life and Forward Thinking advisor shared a similiar attitude to Dani, stating that she felt honored to be recognized and appreciates everyone she works with

This was of course just the first week of spotlights, and the second week of spotlights has already been released. They can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to check out the new nominees!

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