True Beauty Week 2017

Self-image is something that all people struggle with in some way or another, but there were a number of positive events around campus during the month of Feb. to help students and faculty view themselves in a more positive light. It started off with a one-time screening of the documentary “Embrace” at AMC Theatres. There were a number of people from both the Loras community and outside it who attended and left feeling more positive and hopeful about their own journeys to a positive self-image.

photo by Tricia Borelli

Another event offered was Palentines. This was valentines, but for students and their pals, where attendees talked, played games, and ate some provided snacks. While there were a myriad of games like Jenga and Gestures, most spent the entire time playing Catch Phrase. Catch Phrase is similar to Heads Up, but instead of one person guessing, the rest of the group guesses the word or phrase. It immediately started off very competitive and the other groups in the Belmont House, where Palentines was being held, soon joined in on the fun until everyone was playing.

True Beauty Week occurred the week of Feb. 20 to 24. Events for this week included Craft Night on Wednesday, Snacks and Fun on Thursday in Health Services and an Open Mic Night in the Pub on Feb. 28 in the Pub. At Craft Night, there were activities such as painting canvases, making jewelry and decorating journals accompanied by a playlist filled with happy and feel-good music. Everyone there admired each other’s work and sang along to the music while painting quotes on canvases. It was a night full of creativity and positive energy. Snacks and Fun offered students a break from the daily grind for a chance to relax and eat a treat in the afternoon. The Open Mic Night in the Pub provided a venue for reading poetry, performing music and readings for whoever wanted the chance.

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Haley Roberts is a writer for The Lorian.

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