The Poison Apple

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

Years have passed since Cinderella and King James got married. Presently, soldiers charge into the kingdom. James has them go into his and Cinderella’s room. She is to be locked away for putting a spell on James to fall in love with her. On the ground are shattered pieces of the charmed glass slippers.

Cinderella looks under the bed. Lying underneath, quivering with fear, is Cinderella and James’ daughter, little Snow White.

Cinderella quickly gives Snow White a tight hug and a kiss on the forehead. She creates a shiny red apple for Snow White. She tells her to eat the apple whenever she misses her mother. Using the Godmother’s staff, Cinderella makes herself disappear. The soldiers break through the doors. James rushes to Snow White.

Proteus, James’s father, is arrested and taken to the brig for having a secret alliance with the Godmother. The kingdom is in chaos with all the betrayal that has taken place. The Kaiser, Fredrick, from Germany offers to help James end the chaos if he will marry his daughter, Miranda, and make her the new queen. James agrees and Fredrik has his knights take command of the English army.

Months pass and the chaos has come to an end. James and Miranda get married, which not only makes her the new queen, but Snow White’s step-mother. Miranda is not in love with James, nor does she want to be a mother. Her love for her father is what forces her to be queen.

Meanwhile, Snow White takes a bite from Cinderella’s apple every day. Her appearance slowly transforms with each bite. Her skin goes from white as snow to grey as night, her cheeks as red as blood to black as coal. Even her teeth become yellow and as sharp as daggers, while her eyes turn red. Miranda notices these changes and fears her step-daughter, but James doesn’t notice.

One morning, Miranda wakes up in a puddle of blood in her bed. James lies dead, with blood leaking from his throat. Miranda is horrified and begs for help.

At James’ funeral, Miranda stands next to Snow White, who doesn’t even spare a tear. Miranda knows that Snow White was behind James’ death. She goes to the brig and makes a deal with Proteus. If he becomes her huntsman and kills Snow White, Miranda will free him. Proteus accepts the deal.

Proteus follows Snow White into a dark forest. He is attacked by seven dwarfs. Snow White knew she was being followed. She hired the dwarfs for protection. She lets them do whatever they want with Proteus. He begs for mercy as he is dragged away by the dwarfs.

Snow White returns to the kingdom to face Miranda. She charges toward Miranda with claws that pop up from her fingertips. Miranda quickly grabs a large candlestick. As Snow White pounces at Miranda, the candlestick goes through her stomach, killing the young princess.

Miranda is stunned by her actions. Now the whole kingdom will know that Queen Miranda murdered Snow White. Chaos will rise once again.

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