The Grand Opera House Reopening

By Hope Ehling and Lauren Peterson

The Grand Opera House has been closed since the beginning of March due to COVID-19. The Grand Opera House shut down all operations this summer. It was a sad moment for the Dubuque Community because the theatre is cherished by so many.

Frank McClain, the Executive Artistic Director of the Grand Opera House couldn’t wait to get back to having live audiences and performances. Their plans to reopen started this August.

The first thing on their agenda was putting health and safety protocols into place for their staff. As well as for the public. Upon entering the building they now have mandatory temperature checks. This is to ensure the health and safety of others. Masks and safe social distancing is required when attending live performances.

“It may be easier to think about what we haven’t changed at this point.” Frank McClain Executive Artistic Director.

The Grand Opera House

Even with all the new changes, The Grand Opera House is excited to welcome back the Dubuque Community.

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