Thank you, Avery

Over the past few years, Avery Wickersham has been a dedicated woman to the Lorian publication. Throughout her time here with the Lorian, she has dedicated countless hours and nights working overtime to help with the newest editions. All while balancing her extremely busy schedule, Avery has been a leader here at the paper.

Avery is a very, extremely talented author. She published her first book in June of 2017. Veneration, her first book, follows the story of Mae Hensley as she discovers the secrets about herself and her past. Avery self-published this book and continues to live her dream of being an author. She will always have a huge role here at the Lorian.

I personally would like to thank Avery for everything that she has done for us. Without her, the paper would never be where it is today.

Thank you, Avery. Your hard work and dedication will never be forgotten here at the Lorian.

Faculty Advisory Mark Mederson has had Avery in many of his classes and considers her an excellent student. Dr. Mederson has praised Avery in many ways throughout her tenure here at Loras and considers her a good friend of his. He included a personal message for Avery to be included in this edition. 


It’s always bittersweet for me when one of my students graduates. This is especially true when that student also worked on the Lorian. You’ve put in an inordinate amount of time and energy into making the paper look as good as possible. You took on a lot, particularly this semester. I am so sorry that you had to finish your college experience under the dystopia realities of a pandemic. 

But, enough of the bitter. Time for some sweet. You’re an amazing young woman who has overcome and battled through a lot to reach this threshold. You’re ending your time at Loras but beginning, what I’m sure will be, a journey filled with a lot of joyous moments. When things aren’t going quite as you hoped, look back on your time at Loras and use the solid foundation you built here to shore up your spirit. Savor it all. The bitter and the sweet. All of it, the good and the bad, will be components of your story. Tell great stories!


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