Phillip & Vee: Pt 3

With dinner completed and the dishes started in the dishwasher, the two fell into an easy, contented silence. It was a part of their everyday life. After work, the two would cook together, eat, then separate for a moment of decompression.

Phillip sat at his desk, checking through various social networks. Vee, not far away, was lying on the sofa, book in hand. Occasionally, Phillip would look up and glance at Vee. His face always seems so calm, so placid. It had been a long-standing mystery as to what thoughts may be swirling beneath the smooth surface.

He was currently entertaining such curiosities and reconsidering his harsh critique of Iowa from earlier when Vee suddenly set his book aside and stood up. Phillip watched him, various. Vee walked slowly over to a small closet and grabbed a blanket, draping it over the couch. He then disappeared into the kitchen. Phillip could hear drawers open and close and rustling. After a moment, Vee returned, carrying a candle.

“What are you doing?” Phillip finally asked.

“Come here.” Vee smiled. He lit the candle and set it on the small coffee table in front of the couch. As Phillip stood, Vee flicked a light switch, casting the room into relative darkness.

“Okay, but…” Phillip moved through the dark room, dodging the silhouettes of furniture. “I’m still validly curious as to what you’re doing.”

Vee continued to smile, the expression almost becoming frightening in the candlelight. Phillip sat on the couch, pulling the blanket over him. It was a thick quilt, evidently handmade. He couldn’t recall where they’d gotten it.

Vee moved to a window opposite the couch. The drapes were closed, offering privacy and helping to keep the warmth in. He grabbed onto the fabric and in a fluid, languid movement, cast them open.

The view was fairly minimal. The window opened onto the front yard. A light, perched on top of a large pole supporting the house’s power lines, illuminated a small circle of the yard. Generally, Phillip wasn’t a fan of the view. The solitary yard light cast a cold, white glow into the lonely darkness of their empty yard. The entire scene just seemed… melancholy.

As Vee sat next to him, though, Phillip realized it was entirely different. Outside, the overcast sky had finally burst, letting loose the flurries it had held back. The flakes, small and fleeting, flashed in great waves across the light in the yard. The way they moved and swirled within the light was spell binding.

Vee slid beneath the blanket and moved to rest his head on Phillip’s shoulder. Phillip smiled and wrapped his arm around Vee. Outside, winter was finally coming in full bore. Inside, in the warm orange light of the candle, with Vee sitting beside him beneath the old quilt, Phillip had to smile. He had most certainly, he decided, been much too harsh on his critique of Iowa earlier. He leaned down and kissed Vee. Iowa was everything he could have ever wanted.

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