Loras brings students and faculty together with virtual games


Despite being off-campus, Loras College students and faculty have continued to bring unity throughout this time of quarantine.

The Loras College Activities Board played host to a virtual Trivia Night on Friday, April 17th.

“These times are very uncertain and confusing and being united helps add back some level of stability.” 

Trivia Participant Catherine Weltzer.

The Loras College Student Life is continuing to virtually program onto the calendar of events.  This calendar is available on the Life@Loras App, as well as the Life at Loras social media pages.

In addition to the Trivia Night set forth by the College Activities Board, Loras Sophomores Annie Flannigan and Jacob Till also played host to a Trivia Night of their own. 

“It was hard for people because there weren’t any consistent events to look forward to every week, so I knew bringing everyone together for Trivia every Thursday could help lift people’s spirits.” 

Explained Flannigan in her decision to create the weekly Trivia Night for Loras Staff and Students.

The first Trivia Night event took place on April 23rd, with upwards of 50 students and faculty in attendance.  The second Trivia Night took place on April 30th and brought in 49 students and faculty.  The virtual events have been able to come together by the usage of the popular streaming service Zoom.

“People in the Zoom call were some of my best friends, while others I did not know at all, but we all came together to participate in a friendly competition full of fun, laughter, and fellowship!”

Co-Host of the event Jacob Till.

Despite minor tech related setbacks, Flannigan remains optimistic for the future of these Trivia Nights.  “We had a couple of minor technical difficulties the first week, but we will get all of those sorted out and fixed!”

The third installment of the Virtual Trivia event hosted by Annie Flannigan and Jacob Till is set for May 7th at 8:00PM.

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