Jacob Blake Protest – Dubuque Iowa (09-02-2020)

By: Ben Yeiser (LCTV)

Back in September, a peaceful protest for Jacob Blake was held in Dubuque. The protest was organized by the Switching Places Foundation and Queens for Peace. The community gathered to demand Justice. This protest was sparked by a number of events throughout the past year. However, the main focus was “Justice for Jacob Blake” who was shot by police in August.

Jacob Blake Protest/March – Dubuque, Iowa (09-02-2020)

I had the opportunity to speak with Dereka Williams, the President of the Switching Places Foundation about her thoughts and feelings towards the movement against racial injustice. She said; “Dubuque stands with them and we do not agree with this.” The turnout in the community to support this movement was huge. Seeing just how many people participated really goes to show that people are fed up and that they want change.

To find out more information regarding involvement with the Switching Places Foundation or Queens for Peace, go check out their pages on Facebook.

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