Iowa dairy princess: Is it just another crown?

By Megan Gronau (TheLorian)

Have you ever had a once in a lifetime opportunity that would open so many doors that you didn’t think were possible? At the end of this summer, I had one of these experiences and will forever be grateful.  

In August, I had the opportunity to run for the 2020-2021 Iowa Dairy Princess and potentially my 6th title in the last five years. It all started in 2015, when I ran for Dubuque County 4-H Queen. From there my love for being an ambassador for my county grew and eventually turned into different titles.

If you would have asked me a year and half ago, if I ever thought I would be running for Iowa Dairy Princess, I would have thought you were crazy. A lot happens in a year that can really change a person and give them opportunities they never thought possible. Being able to run for Iowa Dairy Princess is unlike anything else. I was able to advocate for such an amazing industry that I was fortunate to grow up in.

Many people think that each title is just about having a crown and sash, but it is so much more than that. It isn’t about the crown and sash, it is how you use it that matters. People won’t remember you by just having a crown, they will remember all the good things that you did with it to benefit the community. Each crown means something a little different in the fact that they are all for different titles. Every crown holds many memories that represent what I did as I wore it. Having a crown is an added bonus to being a role model to others and sharing your own stories and experiences with the world. Whether there is a crown and sash or not, all the girls that ran for the Iowa Dairy Princess are winners because we all have the ability to advocate for one of the greatest industries in American Agriculture.

Before being able to run for Iowa Dairy Princess, you have to hold the title of a county Dairy Princess. From here you have a year to learn from as well as teach your community. This past year has been a whirlwind of fun for me, from scooping dishes of ice cream to handing out cheese sticks and even being able to share my love for this amazing industry to my community. Over my reign at Dubuque County Dairy Princess, I had one overarching goal; where I wanted to bridge the gap between what people perceive and the reality of the dairy industry. I accomplished this goal by asking people what they know of the dairy industry and informing them on what is really going on. There are a lot of unknowns in the dairy world that the common eye doesn’t necessarily see. Through my role as Dairy Princess, I was able to advocate for these unknowns of the dairy industry.

Take every opportunity you get to chase your dreams and become an ambassador and role model for your community.

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