Increasing Street Lights and Cameras

DUBUQUE- The city of Dubuque has increased its number of street cameras and lights in order to fight off local crime.

Earlier incidents this year such as the Nancy Krapfl case has caused a desire within Dubuque to create a safer community. This is being achieved through the installation of brighter lights as well as the ID4PD webpage and street cameras.

Officer Scott Baxter acknowledges the progress made, “It engages the community so we have the partnership going which we love and it’s cases where we probably wouldn’t have been able to identify these folks and citizens are stepping up and helping us do that.”

Efforts are even going so far that trees are even being trimmed to provide more efficient lighting.
Baxter explains, “It’s kind of a multi-pronged effort and we’re hoping it will have a little bit of an impact. It’s not gonna entirely stop the violent behavior activity but it will certainly help.”

The city is set to have about one thousand cameras by the end of 2016.

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