GM announces electric future

Keegan Godwin (TheLorian)

With a new presidential administration comes a tougher push for combating climate change. When it comes to the automobile industry and electric vehicles, Tesla is the first and most dominant company. However, many popular car brands are creating their own line of electric vehicles to compete in the ever-changing auto industry. On Jan. 29, General Motors (GM), manufacturer of Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac, among others, announced that the company will aim to sell only zero-emission cars and trucks by 2035.

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra’s move came at an unexpected time for rival car companies, as they traditionally seek a united front against climate and emission updates. GM said the plan is part of an effort to join “governments and companies around the globe working to establish a safer, greener and better world.” GM has also stated that they will be investing $27 billion on electric vehicles in the next five years. Companies like GM hope to be able to compete with Tesla in the coming years in the electric vehicle market.

The timing of the move also gives the Biden Administration great momentum moving forward. President Joe Biden has already signed executive orders to help the United States combat climate change. Having one of the largest car manufacturers in the world pledge to help in the fight against climate change is a huge political asset to the new administration. The executive orders on climate change come in response to former-President Donald Trump’s climate policies. Biden has prioritized the climate in his first days in office.

How other car manufacturers will respond to GM is yet to be seen, but it is extremely likely that the movement of electric vehicles will soon become the dominant type of car on the road. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. The Bureau of Transportation estimates that there are 276 million registered vehicles on the road per year in the United States. With those numbers, it is estimated that cars produce 1,269,600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. It is important that the government acts on combating climate change sooner rather than later.

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra announced on Jan 29 GM’s electric plans moving forward to combat climate change.
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