Early Voting Opportunities

DUBUQUE- Election day is still two weeks away, but over 15,000 people in Dubuque have already cast their vote using early voting methods.

Christopher Budzisz, Associate Professor of Politics at Loras College explains, “One way to think of early voting is as convenience voting.”

Among the variety of options, residents can request early voting ballets to be sent to them otherwise known as absentee ballots.
“People like to do it because if they get it in the mail they can take their time, go on the internet, and do some research about candidates. Some people just want to do it because they don’t want to stand in line on election day,” says city of Dubuque Auditor, Denise Dolan.
Voters can also visit the local courthouse or one of the satellite voting locations to cast a ballot in person.

“It’s just as if you were going to the polls, you’re just going to a different polling place and you can cast your vote.”

Regardless of what method you use to vote, many share a similar opinion on the importance casting a ballot can hold.

While at the satellite voting location at Loras College, Theresa Milazzo says, “I’m intentionally voting in Iowa because it’s a swing state so I think every vote counts and you know we’re deciding our future for the next four years and probably beyond that because their impact will stay.”
Dolan stresses the importance of voting stating, “Maybe you don’t like the presidential candidates, that doesn’t mean that someone for county supervisor, state legislature, congress or even county auditor, because I’m on the ballot this year- that we don’t need your vote to get elected so that can continue serve the public.”

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