Early Voting comes to Loras


LORAS COLLEGE- As the 2020 elections are just three weeks away, people around the country have started casting their votes. 

This past Wednesday, Loras College was an early voting site for the 2020 US General Election. From 9am- 2pm, within the field house on campus, all eligible students, faculty and staff were given the opportunity to cast their vote early.

Dubuque County Election Officials were present to facilitate the event, walk individuals through the process and answer any questions. With ten voting desks all physically distanced, voters were able to cast their ballot safely and efficiently.

“I think it was a great opportunity for students to come in early and vote before Nov. 3rd. “

~Andrew Martinez

When talking with attendees, this election feels very personal for voters. Loras Senior Alma Tavarez, wants to see change which motivated her to vote  

“There have been a lot of situations in these last few months, but especially in these past four years, that have really impacted the people around me. I want my vote to make a difference.”

“I vote to represent the people that can’t.”

~Alma Tavares

Sergio Perez, the Loras College Director of Inclusion and Advocacy, confirmed that over 200 ballots were cast at the event, making it a big success.

These ballots and others around the country are already being received and counted. The last day to vote is Nov. 3rd. Make sure to check your local county for details on where and how to vote.

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