Curse of the Wolf

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

Soldiers and knights go to war over the murder of Snow White. Queen Miranda is dragged out the castle by two soldiers.

Cinderella, wearing a black dress and holding the Godmother’s staff, marches up to Miranda. Cinderella reclaims the kingdom and takes command of both soldiers and knights. Due to Miranda’s actions, Cinderella sentences her to death.    

Four knights take Miranda to the brig to await her execution. One of the knights hides a pair of keys in Miranda’s pocket. The knights let go of Miranda and walks away from her, to give her a chance to escape. She releases herself and runs.

Miranda rushes into the village. She steals a red hooded cloak to hide her face. Cinderella has the four knights executed and orders the entire royal army to find Miranda. She becomes known as the outlaw Red Riding Hood.

Miranda manages to distance herself from the entire kingdom. She enters the Dark Forest, one of the many landscapes that belong to the Dark Realm. The forest is a deserted land with dead trees, black grass, fog that clouds the air, and dirt covered ground. Miranda hears footsteps behind her. She quickly turns, but no one is behind her. She turns back around and is startled as a wolf walks up to her.

The wolf has gray fur and white eyes. It crawls toward Miranda and begins speaking. Miranda recognizes the voice, it’s Proteus. The seven dwarfs tortured then turned him into a wolf. Proteus’ curse is permanent and if he steps out of the Dark Forest, he will burn into ash.

Proteus blames Miranda for his curse and threatens to kill her. She begs for mercy, but Proteus only laughs. Miranda then offers to find the dwarfs and help free Proteus from his curse. In return, he will not kill her. He agrees to Miranda’s offer and sends her off.

Proteus walks deeper into the forest and enters a wooden cabin. Inside the cabin is an elder woman who becomes known as the Forest Granny, but she is really Celia, Cinderella’s step-mother. Cinderella trapped her in the forest.

Proteus and Celia have a romantic relationship. They make love to each other. Cinderella watches through a crystal ball. Celia’s joy only aggravates Cinderella, forcing her to come up a twisted idea.

Cinderella travels to the Dark Forest to meet with Proteus. She offers to free him from his curse and grant him the one thing he always wanted, a drink from the Fountain of Youth. Once he’s young again, she will make him her lead knight. In return, he must murder Celia.

On that night, him and Celia make love to each other again. He forces his claws through her chest, then cries as she slowly dies. Once she’s dead, Proteus is turned back to human and a chalice filled with water from the Fountain of Youth appears on the ground.

Meanwhile, on her search for the seven dwarfs, Miranda is kidnapped by three men and put on a ship.

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