Coach’s Column: Dylan Ross

Dylan Ross (TheLorian)

As a young teenager, I was offered a spot on Loras Men’s volleyball team and had no clue what was in store. The ability to be a college athlete was a blessing in and of itself and that was all I expected. My first year, I learned this place would become much more than just where I attended college, it was home.

Looking back through my four years, the memories that turned strangers into my brothers will stick with me forever. Your typical college lessons I will cherish as life lessons and it is crazy that just a name on my diploma means so little to some yet so much to me.

During my time the Men’s Volleyball Program went from a 3-20 team that everyone wanted to whoop up on to losing the conference championship to the number one team in the nation. What I thought was the end for me at Loras has now turned into only the beginning. Having the opportunity to pick up where I left off as the Head Coach here is a dream come true.

Over the past few years since my time at Loras, I have worked all over the nation as a Graduate Assistant at Arkansas State University, Assistant Coach at University of Houston and Assistant Coach at Bradley University. Through my time at all these varies universities there was still no place that felt like the home Loras did and that’s why I knew this job would be a perfect fit for me.

I look forward to being able to lead these young men through the same life endeavors that I walked through just a couple of years ago. I’m excited to pick up the same goals I once sweat for every day, bringing this program’s first conference championship to Loras.

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