Christ on Campus: Insights into Ministry at Loras

WELCOME HOME, DUHAWKS! I hope you all had wonderful summers, and now that the niceties are out of the way I am giving each and every one of you a challenge for the upcoming year.

Think about your favorite place. Maybe it’s a beach, or a forest or your bed. Now imagine your favorite people. Imagine them in your favorite place with you – unless your favorite place is your bed in which case pick your second favorite place. Now think of your favorite smells, favorite things to touch and to eat and imagine your favorite sounds whether that’s music or nature.

NOW STOP! Wake up and smell the Mississippi! Life is not like that. We are all called to live uncomfortably sometimes. The reason I am telling you this is because a lot of you are going to finish this article and think “no, Cheyenne I am not going to do that! It is way too far outside my comfort zone.” Newsflash: that is my point. The first part of this challenge is that I want all of you to get outside your comfort zone, because while we are creatures who enjoy comfort, we are not called to stay comfortable. We are called to live radically, which is often scary, and gross, and uncomfortable. I will now address two kinds of students. Some of you are somewhere in the middle of this in which case you should consider taking on both of these challenges.

GROUP ONE: You are people who are not involved in campus ministry at all. Maybe you walked into Christ the King once, at the beginning of your first year with your parents. Maybe not even that. Maybe you are someone who absolutely hates organized religion and you don’t know why you are still reading this. No matter what your reason is for not being involved my challenge still stands for you, and if you think I am trying to tell you that you are wrong, I am not. If something or someone in the church has hurt you, don’t assume that we all will. My challenge to this group is to try something in Campus Ministry. We have such a wide variety of things that you can get involved in, prayer groups, bible studies, study sessions, parties, movie nights, game nights and most importantly a great community.

GROUP TWO: You probably go to mass every Sunday . You are involved in at least one Campus Ministry organization. You probably hang out with various groups, but one of the main groups you spend time with is a group composed primarily of other people who are involved in Campus Ministry. We need to get outside our boxes and be more inviting. We can’t just be involved, we have to live it and really be Christ to people, acting and responding the way he would. This is how we will get more people involved. Inviting sincerely, not just because we should. If all of us invited one different person to mass each week, we would have spoken to every person on campus by the end of November. We can be powerful witnesses. So my challenge is to get out of your box and start inviting and encouraging other people to get involved.

No matter where you fall in this scale you can take on my challenge. It is like a double-dog-dare. Now you have to do it.

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