Biden’s unique inauguration

Dominique Jeter (TheLorian)

Following an monumental election in Nov. 2020, 2021 began with a tense change of power. With an increase of security, Joe Biden was sworn in as the new president of the United States.

This year’s inauguration, which occurred on Jan. 20, is one that has made history for numerous reasons. Kamala Harris made history not only as the first female vice president, but also as the first female who is of African-American and South Asian descent. The same was for President Barack Obama when he became the first male African American president in 2012. 

Harris is also now known for her famous combination of “Chuck-and-Pearls” symbolizing the pearls she wears around her neck and the Converse sneakers she wore during her presidential run with Biden. During this election, many younger voters came out and exercised their right to vote, especially the minority population; therefore changing some states that were not even consider swing states, such as Georgia.

Harris is becoming an inspiration to young girls and older women across the country by breaking the stereotypical barriers. Harris made the comment, “I always say this: I may be the first to do many things—make sure I’m not the last.” Within the first 100 days, President Biden is already trying to reverse some the bills and legislation that former-President Donald Trump passed. Harris is working on things to address the COVID-19 pandemic and how they can help front-line essential workers with childcare, while also avoiding foreclosures and evictions. These two things are often accompanied with a pandemic.

Former-President Trump also made history during this inauguration by being the first president in 150 years to boycott his other opponents’ success and not attend the inauguration. Trump immediately left and went to one of his homes in Florida, according to numerous news sources. Many are not surprised that this occurred after his previous denial of not winning the election against President Biden, and the disappointing event that happened at the Capital in Washington D.C. in which lives were lost.  

Now that the inauguration is over, both sides will be watching to see what President Biden and Vice-President Harris will accomplishment in their first 100 days, and what precedents they will set for their term.

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