Beyond the Classroom: Dubuque schools receive new bowling kits

SAGEVILLE – Elementary students in the Dubuque Community School District now have a chance to improve their bowling game with new classroom bowling kits.

The United States Bowling Congress and Women’s Bowling Association donated money for six bowling kits.

First graders at Sageville elementary are pretty excited about the new bowling kits.

Every time that six-year-old Jazlynn Peacock bowls a strike, she runs to the white board to write down her name.

“It’s about when you get all the pins down,” said Peacock, “You get to write your name on the strike club.”

These first graders bowl their best to be part of the strike club, but their teacher, Heather Riley, believes it goes much deeper than that:

“They work towards character, good character. Focusing on following the rules, respecting each other, self, and equipment.”

By taking turns and cheering each other on, these first graders are actively working toward building good character skills.

Plus, the new bowling kits were much needed.

Riley adds, “The ones that we did have were a bit older, outdated, and needed to be replaced.”

Each kit includes weighted pins, a rubber ball, and a carpet lane.

Riley recalls many reasons way her students look forward to their bowling unit.

“It’s not so competitive,” said Riley, “It’s all about celebrating what you can do but also what others can do.”

The students at Sageville have one more day of their bowling unit before the kits are rotated to the next school.

The kits will travel around the twelve public elementary schools in the Dubuque Community School District.

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