Becoming a Better Athlete

DUBUQUE – We all know that nutrition and fitness are important to becoming a better athlete. The question is how and why are they so important? Flynn Collins, a college athlete and fitness enthusiast, has become a better athlete through the correct diet and workout schedule. Flynn says that the weight room is probably the second most beneficial thing other than nutrition. Here’s his reasons why, “By weight lifting you’re able to prevent injuries, you’re able to get stronger on and off the field and it helps you compete as an athlete.” However, working out, alone, will not allow you to reach your full potential as an athlete. According to Flynn diet is the most import aspect, “Generally the rule of thumb is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. An athlete’s diet is important because it’s the fuel that’s providing you all your energy. Doing everything you can nutrition wise will give you that competitive edge that’s gonna help you be a better athlete out there.” What does Flynn say is the major key to success? “If you don’t believe in yourself then you won’t be able to do anything, so I would say that attitude is probably the biggest difference between a lot of people who make it and people who don’t.” By being an example every day and informing others about fitness Flynn hopes to inspire others to improve as athletes when they do the right things, “If you don’t give up and you keep on pushing, and every time you fall down you get back up, you will do big things, you will be successful.”

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