Beauty and the Pirate

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

Cinderella, now in control of the enchanted rose, uses its energy to power the Godmother’s staff. With the staff, she cracks the ground open. Demons with shiny dark blue skin and wide wings made of metal blades fly out of the opening. More and more demons are released. Cinderella allows them to take over the kingdom and wreak havoc among the citizens.

Proteus and the rest of the army fight back against the demons. Before they can even swing one weapon, Cinderella turns them into statues. She walks up to the statue of Proteus and knocks it over, shattering him into thousands of pieces.

Cinderella creates a black dress for herself and takes the Godmother’s name, Gretchen, the Demon Sorcerer.  

Meanwhile, Miranda and Smitty reach the bottom of the beanstalk. Red Beard reaches the bottom shortly after them.

Red Beard pulls out a shiny sea shell he stole from the tower. He rubs the shell and steam is released. The steam transforms into a woman with tentacles as legs. She calls herself Marie the Sea Legend. She has the power to control all sea life with her mind. Since Red Beard freed her, she is loyal to him and offers him a lifetime worth of wishes.

Red Beard holds off on the offer. Him, Miranda, Smitty, and now Marie search for his ship and crew. They find themselves stranded in the mysterious land.

Day turns to night. The four build a camp. Miranda offers to find food and water. Red Beard refuses for her to go alone, but she ignores him and walks away. He follows her.

Red Beard and Miranda walk in silence. They become lost and begin to blame each other. Miranda accuses Red Beard of being a charlatan due to his faulty tracking skills. Red Beard accuses Miranda of being incredibility spoiled.

As the tensions rise, a storm occurs. Heavy rain drops from the dark and cloudy sky. Thunder vibrates the ground and lighting strikes. Red Beard and Miranda get under a large tabu-no-ki tree. Their argument continues until they fall asleep to the sound of rain drops on the leaves on the tree.

Miranda wakes up with her head leaning on Red Beard’s chest. Red Beard wakes up with his head leaning on the tree. The two quickly distance themselves from each other. The dark clouds clear up and sunlight shines again.  

The two set aside their differences and work together in finding their way back to Smitty and Marie. On their adventure, they slowly form a friendly bond. Miranda expresses her dislike towards the throne and her want for adventure. Red Beard sympathizes for her. He offers her a permanent position on his crew. Miranda claims she’ll consider the offer. Suddenly, their friendly bond evolves into something more.

Their journey goes on for a few days. The longer they spend together the closer they become. A romantic flame is lit between the two, lit so brightly that they have no recollection of who they are trying to find.

When they finally reach Smitty and Marie, a demon finds them.

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