Antonio Brown continues to spin a strange saga

The National Football League, also commonly referenced using their initials of the NFL, is officially headed into Week 4. The league remains America’s favorite sport but still falls behind in the headlines often due to the NBA (National Basketball Association) reigning as the champ of media attention. Antonio Brown, 31, has single-handedly tried to change that over the last year.

Antonio Brown was an All-Pro wide receiver and likely headed to Canton with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Toward the end of the 2019 season, he got in an argument with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, began skipping practices, and then requested a trade.

Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders on March 9 and the deal was made official four days later. This was after Brown practically cried his way out of becoming a member of the Buffalo Bills.

His time with the Raiders was another rollercoaster of events. It started off smooth as he worked out with quarterback Derek Carr. Their kids even hung out together. The first domino fell on August 3. Brown shared on Instagram that he had got frostbite on his feet which caused blisters from not wearing proper footwear during one of his cryotherapy sessions. Brown had to miss 10 out of the 11 Raider camp practices. This was nothing new to him as he was missing some a few short months back.

The next domino fell on August 9. Brown filed a grievance in hopes he could wear his old helmet as it had recently been banned by the league. An arbitrator denied the request. Brown threatens to retire as well as what he does best- miss practice.

He tried once more on August 19 but got the same result. Companies began to approach Brown with their helmets to try and get him to sign. Two and a half weeks later, Brown signed a sponsorship deal to wear the Xenith Shadow. The helmet did not see much playing time.

On September 4, Brown shared he had been fined around $54,000 for missing practices. He wasn’t too happy. He went to general manager Mike Mayock and ended up getting in a verbal dispute.

Starting on September 6, the Brown saga would shift into fast gears. Brown showed up to a team meeting and apologized. Head coach Jon Gruden was asked if Brown would play Week 1. He simply put it, “Yes. That’s the plan.” Brown also spoke by sharing a video. The video was to show he is ready to just let the football do the talking. He added, “I’m grateful for all the fans. I’m excited to be a part of the Raiders and see you guys soon.”

The next time anyone heard or saw from him was when word broke he was demanding to be released. The Raiders dropped him faster than most people trying to save a piece of food once it falls on the floor. He missed out on his Raiders contract being guaranteed by a few short hours. Things got weird as he shared a video of finding out that he was released. He is seen running out to his backyard in excitement and even called his grandma.

Jokes started to circulate he would end up on the New England Patriots within days. The internet wins again. By day-end, he was a Patriot. He signed a one-year deal worth up $15 million. 

A former physical of Brown filed civil lawsuit two days later stating that Brown had sexually assaulted her three separate times. The woman, Britney Taylor, met with the NFL but no action was taken. He went on to play in a 43-0 win over the Miami Dolphins. He caught four passes for 56 yards and added a touchdown. That was his only game in a Patriots jersey.

Patriots cut ties with Antonio Brown on September 20 because of accusation of Brown making text messages harassing Taylor after the story broke.

Sunday morning, Brown called it a career in a tweet saying “Will not be playing in the @NFL anymore.” 

The NFL career of Antonio Brown looks all but over for him. What’s next? Some wondered if he’ll end up in other leagues such as the one up north- the Canadian Football League or the revived XFL coming in 2020. That does not seem to be the case as he announced in an Instagram story that he is headed back to Central Michigan University which featured his class list. Could be a short stay as he can’t go more than a couple weeks without being in the news.

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