10 Years in the Making

By Josh Vogt

Zombie Land: Double Tap is a sequel to the 2009 zombie comedy Zombieland, which combined the zombie craze of the time with wacky comedy and zombie take-downs that just continued to escalate in improbability. The sequel comes ten years later, as there was no initial plan to even make one, and it took a while to get everything in place for this to happen, but luckily for fans, it did.

The sequel is a brilliant blend of bringing in old and familiar people and jokes, while also keeping things fresh. We see the returning characters of Wichita, Columbus, Tallahassee, and Little Rock, beloved and hilarious with their synergy and chemistry. This core block of characters have grown, now ten years older, but they feel familiar, despite the large gap in time. This speaks to the quality of the writing, in that these people, some of which look pretty aged, still carry that same energy and depth they did before.

However, in order to keep the sequel interesting and differentiate it from the previous film, new characters were added to the lineup – and they did not disappoint. Rosario Dawson’s portrayal of Nevada is tough in character, standing toe to toe with Tallahassee in both skill and their shared love for all things Elvis. Her and the other new characters are interesting, full of life and bring so much to the table that the minutes start to fly by as you find yourself either laughing or enthralled in the witty dialogue.

The plot of the film is about as basic as the initial film’s was, but that was never really a massive part of the draw of the film. The idea of heading towards something that has been there all along is a big theme explored in the film, namely the idea of home. Double Tap has a truly meaningful core message buried down below all of the guts and gore and comedy, and is well worth a watch.

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