Craft Night looks as though it could become another habit-forming activity

This past Friday, Sept. 27, from 7-9 p.m., CAB held craft night in the Pub. Although the weather was rainy and cold, that did not stop the 200 students that showed up to the event.

The pub was overflowing with students and faculty members, all eager to make crafts and catch up with people they had not seen for a while. Those who attended had the choice of decorating tree-stump coasters, a mason jar, or painting on a canvas. There were plenty of supplies and many students were able to make more than one craft.

Since the event was until 9 p.m., the pub stayed open later, allowing students to order food and eat either before, during, or after they made crafts. Music was playing through the entirety of the event, setting a bright and cheery mood for all of those attending.

“Thanks to everyone who came out to our event; we hope you had a fun time at fall craft night. We hope to see more smiling faces at our events,” junior Cora Schefchik concluded the eventful night.

Fall Events Coming up

This coming Friday, Oct. 4, from 4-9:30 p.m., CAB has reserved twelve escape rooms for people to try escaping from. With up to 10 people per room and three different levels of difficulty, Schefchik advertises the advantage of knowing everyone in the room.

“Since you have rented the rooms, no one who signs up will be placed with strangers,” clarified Schefchik.

Everything is free and accessible to everyone. However, those attending need to find their own transportation to the escape room. The event will be open to about 120 students, so get your tickets early!

Homecoming is a week away! Stay tuned for more information on CAB events that will occur next week.

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