X’s and O’s – Mikey Castoro 56 Yard Touchdown


In a brand new segment on SportsZONE, X’s and O’s shows the viewers in-depth analysis of an important play that happened in the previous game.

This week we dissected the 56 yard touchdown catch by Mikey Castoro from Nolan Baumhover. Down 21-14 with just 1:29 left in the half, the Duhawks needed a score to regain some momentum.

In a blitz attempt to either take away the run, or get pressure on the freshman quarterback UW-Stout was caught out of position. On top of the blitzing line-backers, the safety was occupied by covering running back Zach Minch. This lead to Stout leaving a massive hole in the middle of their defense.

While all of this was happening on the defensive side of the ball, the offense was busy making things happen for themselves. Set up by a large amount of screens early in the half, the Duhawks sent Danny Willis to the flat as a decoy for Castoro’s slant. Willis drew the full attention of his defender, and put the defender covering Castoro on his heals while he was thinking about coming up to stop Willis. That split second of hesitation was all Castoro needed to slip through the defense, and catch the perfectly throw ball from Baumhover on his way to the end zone.

The Duhawks regained momentum for the time being in a much needed touchdown before half.

This play was 56 of the 792 yards that the Duhawk offense put up on the day. This massive effort wasn’t enough however, loosing to Stout 52-42


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Aidan is a sophomore at Loras College from Port Washington, WI. Aidan was an Associate Producer of SportsZONE last fall. This year, Aidan is a Co-producer and Anchor of Sports Shorts for LCTV News, and remains an Associate Producer and reporter for SportsZONE. Aidan enjoys working Live Sports, having experience announcing color, directing, and crewing those shows.

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