X’s and O’s – Bryan Hermann’s Game Winning Pick Six



In this week’s X’s and O’s, Aidan Wojciehowski breaks down what went in to the game winning pick six by Bryan Hermann.

Set up by the tipped pass by Damon Davies, Herman was able to cap off one of the craziest come backs in Loras College history. Giving up 49 points before half time, the Duhawk Defense needed to make a change.

Coming out of half time, the defense seemed like an entirely new group. In a night and day turn around, the defense only allowed three points for the rest of the game. Swarming to the ball the defense figured out the rushing attack of Sam Frasco, who had dominated the entire first half.

This allowed the Duhawk offense to catch up, finishing with 588 yards passing, and more importantly, one comeback.

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Aidan is a sophomore at Loras College from Port Washington, WI. Aidan was an Associate Producer of SportsZONE last fall. This year, Aidan is a Co-producer and Anchor of Sports Shorts for LCTV News, and remains an Associate Producer and reporter for SportsZONE. Aidan enjoys working Live Sports, having experience announcing color, directing, and crewing those shows.

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