Wrestling Officially in 2020 Olympics

James Buss
Loras wrestlers are excited about wrestling being reinstated to the 2020 Olympics.

Iowa wrestlers are celebrating, after learning that wrestling has been reinstated in the 2020 Olympics. Back in February, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled that it would drop the sport from the 2020 games, saying that doing so would renew and reinvent the Olympic program.

Many people fought for the sport to be reinstated and earlier this week, the IOC announced that wrestling would be back¬† for the 2020 games in Japan.¬† Loras wrestlers say they are excited that their sport has returned. “Wrestling needed the Olympics. We got it. We needed that anthem, that gold medal. We needed something a little bit higher so we could say that it was ours,” explained sophomore wrestler James Buss.

Loras wrestlers say they believe that the decision will enhance the sport as a whole. With the new rules and weight classes added to the matches, viewership could possibly be improved. Most of all, Loras wrestlers are proud of the fact that their sport still has its chance to shine and they have more opportunities to learn from the best.

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