Women’s golf competes at Wartburg Invitational

By Megan Himm (TheLorian)

WAVERLY – The Loras women’s golf team traveled to Prairie Links golf course in Waverly Iowa for the Wartburg invitational. This was the second tournament that the team competed in this season. The golfers played in threesomes with players from University of Dubuque and Central College. Due to COVID, the same threesomes were kept for both days, Sept. 12 and Sept. 13.

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Day One: The course presented challenges as it was waterlogged after receiving nine inches of rain. Because of the circumstances, special rules were in place. Lift, clean, and place was in effect everywhere on the course. All bunkers were played as ground under repair. Unmown areas were treated as lateral hazards. Players could also take free relieve from casual water.

Not only did the course conditions affect the players, but the weather was also not ideal. The sky was overcast with an occasional mist. A slight breeze would pick up from time to time. The temperature remained around 60 degrees.

Speaking of the conditions, sophomore Carlene Paul said, “This weekend was a good jumping point for us, especially the first day. Even with the horrible conditions, it shows what the team is capable of, and what we need to do to improve.”

Day Two: The course remained in similar conditions. The greens dried up and ran faster, but the rest of the course was still wet. All of the special rules established on day one were kept for day two. The weather was much better during the match. The sky was clear and sunny and the temperature stayed in the 70s, reaching a high of 76 degrees.

Junior Mallory Gardiner commented about the tournament, “I think that even though the conditions were really tough on Saturday, it was nice to be able to play both days this weekend. COVID really makes me appreciate every round we’re able to have.”

Mallory Gardiner led the team shooting an 87, 95 for a 182. Carlene Paul shot a 92, 94 for a 186. Megan Himm shot a 96, 96 for a 192. Jadyn Anderson finished up the scores with a 131, 120 for a 251. That leaves Loras with a team score of 811. Loras hosts the next match at their home course, Thunder Hills Country Club, on Sept. 19.

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