Duhawk Spotlight: Will Tumberger

DUBUQUE, Iowa-Football has been a huge part of Will Tumberger’s life. In 4th grade, he started playing tackle football and believe it or not, was the quarterback for the team. Will continued to play football throughout middle school and played all through high school at St. Viater.

When looking at colleges, he considered Augustana in Rock Island, Illinois but also took a trip to Loras College. He fell in love with the campus and loved the coaching staff. But Will has faced many challenges during his time on the football team. “My freshman year…I messed up my feet…I have flat feet..sophomore year I had stomach ulcers and then I found out I have Celiac’s disease so I’m like gluten-free.”

All these challenges have made him a stronger person. This year he was voted team captain by his teammates in the spring. “It means the world to me to be captain because people look up to you and aspire to be you.”

When Will is not on the field he says he roots for his favorite NFL team. “Kansas City Chiefs all the way.” But to say football is an important part of his life is an understatement. “I love this team I would do anything for the guys.”

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Mareah Adolphs

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