Will Bears’ free-agent signings help? It’s a bit of a mystery

After a very disappointing 3-13 season, the Chicago Bears have been looking to make a splash in free agency.

After releasing quarterback Jay Cutler and No. 1 wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, the Bears are looking to completely restructure their team. They didn’t want to put all their eggs in one basket with the upcoming draft, so naturally their first move would be to pick up a QB.

According to Bearswire.com, they picked up former Tampa Bay Quarterback Mike Glennon. He is a “big, strong-armed passer who can make all the throws,” according to NFL.com.

Last season, Glennon completed 10 of 11 his passes for 75 yards and one touchdown. Obviously, however, with just 11 passes under his belt, it will be a mystery with him going into next season as the team’s No. 1 quarterback.

After releasing their No. 1 receiver, the Bears also needed to address the receiver situation. So next to be picked up was WR Markus Wheaton: “Wheaton, taken alone, is an impressive speedster who will immediately serve as one of the Bears’ top three receivers.” This was said about him in a recent article analyzing the Bears’ free agent picks.

Last year, Wheaton’s playing time was limited, as he had four kust receptions for 51 yards and a touchdown. However, his career numbers suggest he is a solid pick-up. In four seasons he has managed to rack up 107 receptions 1,508 yards and eight touchdowns. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do to help the bears win next season.

The Bears’ secondary last season was absolutely atrocious. Given the rank of 30 out of 32 teams by profootballfocus.com, this secondary left a bitter taste in fans’ mouths last season.

Knowing this, the Bears hunted for some cornerbacks and safeties, but they found out that there are not all that many corners and safeties available in free agency. So having to settle for less, the Bears picked up safety Quintin Demps, formerly of the Houston Texans, and cornerback Prince Amukamara, formerly of the New York Giants. Quintin Demps, being 31, is getting up there in age to be playing safety in the NFL.
The safety position calls for extreme physical play — to take on a huge running back coming at you at full speed — combined with finesse to cover shifty slot receivers. His age likely will catch up with him soon.

Meanwhile, Amukamara could be a decent pick-up. He recorded 49 tackles and six passes-defended-against last season as well as seven interceptions in his career.

With these recent pick-ups and the upcoming NFL draft, we can only hope the Bears improve from their 3-11 season just a year ago.

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Gerrand Moody is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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