What could have been

By Jorge Ramirez (TheLorian)

COVID-19 has generated uncertainty and tough times for everyone, including Duhawk athletes who have invested a vast amount of time in getting ready to compete, and fulfill their dreams of playing college sports. To some, it may have been just a rough start for an amazing Division III journey. For others, it may have been their last chance to compete at a high level. “The Lorian” was able to reach out to a few athletes belonging to some of the teams directly affected by this global pandemic. The statements provided by these individuals represent character and sacrifice, but also resilience. Current times are forcing students to patiently wait in order to keep writing history in the name of Loras College.  

I was very disappointed when I first heard that fall sports were going to be canceled. I was looking forward to compete with the soccer team for my last season in Loras, and now I don’t really know if I will get the chance to do it during the spring or not. This is a difficult situation. We are still practicing as if we were ready to compete which shows the spirit this team has. These are and forever will be my brothers, and I hope to have a final chance to prove what we are able to do,” said senior Juan Jose Arias of Men’s Soccer.

Despite the fact that there is evident sadness among this previous statement, we can notice the hope there is among these young athletes who may still get a chance at redemption. They are already looking at the future instead of complaining about the pandemic. This sort of mentality is what makes many of these athletic programs in Loras College very successful.

It was very disappointing not being able to play this Fall, but we can only use this time as an opportunity to get better for the next time we get to play football again. Our team has adapted that mindset now,” said senior Mike McDevitt of Football.

Competitiveness is a trait that represents the Athletics in Loras College. This small Catholic school has 51% of its students enrolled as athletes, which makes the cancellation of this season a major shock for almost half of the Duhawks whose lives get directly impacted with decisions such as these. They wanted to compete, but the world population is at risk. Everyone in the world is engaging in sacrifices that are not comfortable, and sadly, college sports are severely affected by the current decision making process coming from the NCAA.

If it ends up happening, there will be a spring semester packed with sports on campus. The students are ready to compete again, and to leave a legacy at Loras College before their departure. It is only a matter of time to figure everything out.

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