Victory in sight after close finishes

As the 2013 season starts, the men’s tennis team is struggling to find an early season stride. They have yet to post a win, are 0-6  overall and 0-3 in the IIAC Conference.

All three of those conference matches were close but in the end the Duhawks fell short by one point in each. With the snow still on the ground, the men were recently sent to play at the indoor facility in St. Ambrose against UW Eau-Claire for the first time.

A very solid line-up from Eau-Claire resulted in a disappointing outcome for the Duhawks as they lost every single match, going home with a 9-0 loss. In the same weekend, the men also played St. Ambrose and fell to another 5-4 loss.

During some of those matches, the men were ahead and thought they had it in the bag but got a little ahead of themselves and started missing shots that normally they make. With the way their season is going, the men can only hope things get better from here.

Sophomore and number two singles player Brian Falvey feels very optimistic about the season.

“I am not normally one to make excuses, but we have a very young team. We only have two upperclassmen. The rest of the team consists of sophomores, and freshness. We are always up against people with more experience than us, which is unfortunate,” said Falvey. “Even though we had a rough weekend, we will pick our heads up and work even harder to reach success.”

With a tough schedule ahead of them, the men have a break before their next match against Wartburg on March 20. This gives them plenty of time to practice and work on the aspects they have been struggling with throughout the season, given the pesky snow melts.

“On another note, we have played some tough teams thus far, which although we lost, will help us learn and improve,” said Falvey. “So even though our record isn’t great yet, we are getting better, and learning.”

“Obviously this isn’t how we wanted our season to start,” said Sophomore Jon Moore, Falvey’s doubles partner. “We have lost a couple of close matches to UD, Buena Vista, and St. Ambrose. I think the biggest thing we need to work on is practicing like we would play in a match so we are ready to go when it comes to the actual meets. We can’t just take it easy in practice and expect to be ready to go when the meet comes. Individually I think everyone just needs to get more consistent when it comes to match play, including myself, and that comes with working hard in practice so we can execute what we want to do in the meets.”

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