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By Jorge Ramirez (TheLorian)

Loras College is undoubtedly a very special place. It becomes special not only for those who complete the full four years in this school, but also for those who decide to transfer in. Junior Jose Pablo Cardenas is the perfect example of an athlete who is amazed by what he has experienced so far, and the very promising future he has as a soccer recruit.

“I come from a local community college located in Oregon. Initially, I thought about going to Seattle or Montana for school, but that decision changed quickly. Connor Fitzpatrick, one of the goalkeepers here in Loras College, convinced me to come here due to the human quality there is within this campus, as well as the soccer program which has an incredible background on success, so I definitely wanted to be a part of that. I had to give Loras a chance.

Transfer students are always looking out for better destinations. Cardenas, like many other young scholars across the nation, decided to take a risk that was going to change his life forever.

“Out of the people I have met so far, everyone has been extremely welcoming and kind, which makes my adaptation easier. It is scary to move away from home in the middle of a pandemic, but I definitely have to thank everyone who made the process very smooth. The staff members working on Admissions, the students, the community in general…” Cardenas highlights the efforts by Loras College in order to focus on student development, instead of just seeing them as products.

There are people here that really want you to learn, become a better version of yourself, and just want you to have a genuine college experience in Dubuque, Iowa. No one does anything just thinking about personal benefit, which is something I really admire.”

Loras College tends to be a very athletic school setting, given the fact that over 51% of its students are playing a sport. Being a part of a team does not only allow students to meet other individuals right away, but it also establishes long-term family bonds that is hard to break even after completing an undergraduate program. This is why Cardenas enjoys being a part of the Loras Soccer program, where he gets to enjoy the benefits of a very unique team spirit and atmosphere.

I really like to be surrounded by my teammates, and this is why my favorite place on campus is the cafeteria. It is the place in which I know I will encounter most of my friends, and I am the kind of person that values these sort of moments very much.

Cardenas, besides being highly interested in working towards his academic success, also wishes to make history with the soccer team in Loras College.

“I want to be a key player for the team in the very near future. Not only do I want that, but I also wish to become a leader that can help out other players both on and off the field. I believe in the talent we have, and the roster that we have for the next few years. I am definitely excited for what is to come.”

Cardenas is the perfect example of a Duhawk who immensely appreciates what he now has in Loras College. Like him, there are many transfers who come to Dubuque, Iowa, and just fall in love with this small catholic school. Sometimes, it’s just meant to be.

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