The Stress of Coaching

LORAS COLLEGE — Between the late-night practices, demanding drills, and game-winning goals…coaching can be an emotional roller coaster.

“My whole life I’ve wanted to be a basketball coach so when I get a chance to do it I want to do it well,” said men’s Basketball head coach, Greg Gorton, “and if our team isn’t performing as well as it should I don’t sleep like I will not sleep all night.”

It’s a job that doesn’t fit within a typical 9-5 schedule.

Volleyball head coach, Jenna Ness, said, “I think it’s always go time with coaching and you always have to be on.”

“I feel like I live here sometimes when I’m here,” said softball head coach, Ashley Winter, “you know bring all your meals your breakfast lunch and dinner and you’re eating here.”

“I wouldn’t say my work is done when I get home. If my kids and wife is in bed, I’m up late doing research or watching film or things like that,” said Men’s and Women’s soccer head coach, Dan Rothert.

So how do these coaches handle the stress that comes with the clipboard?

“You have to take care of yourself otherwise you don’t take care of your team, and I think that is really important,” said Ness. “Just prioritizing those things and making sure you get that rest so you can be focused.”

“I think the good or the important thing is to just try to keep a good um work life balance um were you can still have some personal time whether it’s working out during the day or hanging out with your family,” said Winter.

Despite the high stress and long hours, these coaches say they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“When you win you get the crowns and when you win get the fan base and the alumni base and when you win people want to be associated with that,” said Gorton, “that takes away a lot of stress of coaching right there.

“I want our season to be going on as long as possible I love it I love being here every day and when soccer part is over you know that’s I don’t like it,” said Rothert. “I rather have it be all year round so. It’s more fun.”

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