The Secret Connection


LORAS COLLEGE- A wide receiver depends on the quarterback to signal the plays and get him the ball. This is no different with the Football team at Loras. What is different is that these two players not only share the want to win, but they also share their last name.

Nik and Josh Schulte have been playing for the Duhawks for 2 years and they could not be more pleased about that. They believe that because they share the same blood, they have a connection on the field.

Josh, the wide receiver and junior, knows that he can depend on his brother to make the right judgement calls and place the ball where it needs to be: in the receiver’s hands.

Same goes for Nik. Knowing that his brother is always there and reliable gives him a calming state of mind. Nik also gives a lot of credit to Josh, who he claims inspires him to be better both on and off the field. Working together, these Duhawks feel that they have the bond that can push the team to major success.

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Allison is a senior at Loras and the Executive Producer of SportsZONE. She is a double major in Media Studies and Creative Writing. She has interned at KCRG and looks to continue her career in broadcasting after graduation.

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