Baby or baseball?

The Major League Baseball playoffs have recently hit the halfway point. While most of the discussion has been about the play on the field, a new discussion has been brought up after a tweet from Chattanooga Times Free Press columnist Jay Gresson, as well as CBS sports analyst David P. Samson. Their tweets shared their disliking of Washington Nationals’ Daniel Hudson for deciding to miss Game 1 of the NLCS to attend the birth of his child.

In his tweet, Greeson said: “Nats closer Daniel Hudson’s decision now comes into play. Hudson skipped Game 1 for baby No. 3 and we all hope momma and baby are healthy. But if you’re making $5.5 mil a year and your team needs you to close in the NLCS, well, I’d say go get ’em mom and get photos. Thoughts?”

He was immediately ripped to shreds on the internet by falling victim to being “ratioed” by other Twitter users.  Being “ratioed” is when someone puts out a tweet and receives more comments in opposition then people retweeting or favoriting the original post.

Greeson received 1.4 thousand replies under the original tweet showing their disagreement of his outlandish statement. Many others also went with quote-tweeting and directly tweeting their frustration with how a “husband, father, believer” would find it so difficult to understand Hudson wanting to be with his wife during such a glorious life moment.

Sampson had a similar sentiment in his tweet on the matter. He tweeted: “Unreal that Daniel Hudson is on paternity list and missing game 1 of #NLCS . Only excuse would be a problem with the birth or health of baby or mother. If all is well, he needs to get to St. Louis. Inexcusable. Will it matter? #waittosee.”

Sampson did not fare well in the comment sections. His tweet received 4.8 thousand comments. The comment that received the most attention came from Twitter user @JillinSac. She stressed the importance of having a husband at the hospital while questioning why the Nationals cannot win one game without him.

She said: “So, you’re saying his wife should be able to handle childbirth, alone, without her husband there, but his team of 40 guys can’t handle one playoff baseball game? In 2019, this is really what you’re saying? Some lady must be lucky to have you!”

Other comments received by both included: “Delete this,” “Family > everything,” and “Worst take ever.”

Current and former players defended Hudson’s decision. Former major leaguer Preston Wilson tweeted: “Sometimes it’s hard for others to understand how money and accomplishments don’t matter more than family. That child will never doubt the love and dedication it has from its parents. We should all be as lucky as that baby.”

Retired Michael Morse endorsed Wilson’s tweet by using a GIF that said: “You. Me. Same Page!”

Hudson’s teammate, Sean Doolittle, chimed in with his support and disgust of others. He tweeted: “If your reaction to someone having a baby is anything other than, ‘Congratulations, I hope everybody is healthy,’ you’re an a-hole.”

Sports can be a great getaway from real life but it should never cloud a person’s sense of reality and what is important. There is more to life than baseball. Yes, that is Daniel Hudson’s job. But at the end of the day, it is just a game and family is more important. Hudson made the right decision and should not be scolded by fans, writers, or any others for his decision to be alongside his wife. 

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Xavier is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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