The magic number

If you’re reading this paper, congratulations, you don’t live under a rock. And congratulations if you happen to be a Cubs fan ­— as the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.

I think it’s really powerful to see all the lifelong fans that have come out of the woodwork to help celebrate. I mean there were five million people at the rally downtown the Friday following the win. That rally ranked as the seventh largest gathering of people in human history. That’s crazy, plain and simple. So many people have waited a lifetime for this day. I know my grandma, who likes to keep track of Cubs wins and losses on a schedule she has taped to her kitchen cabinet, couldn’t contain her excitement. Can you guess the first person I called after that final out so late on Wednesday/early on Tuesday?  (Love you Grahams!)

Even if you’re not a Cubs fan or even a baseball fan, here are some things to put this win into perspective.

A few things have been invented since 1908. These include: the radio, sliced bread, television, post-it notes, the slinky, smoke detectors, cassette tapes, video games, and the Internet.

Delving into the wonderful world of history of the United States since 1908, we’ve added New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii to the Union. We’ve had 19 different presidents (not including this most recent president-elect). The US has also fought in seven major wars including World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Cold War, and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’ve suffered from 9/11 and put a man on the moon. We’ve made 11 amendments to the Constitution, including the enactment and repeal of Prohibition. That was quite the debacle.

Sticking to the world of sports, the NFL, NHL, and NBA were all created in the time between Cubs world series titles, and Chicago teams have been champions in each. I personally find that to be the most striking. Three national leagues for three very prominent sports in this country were created and triumphed by Chi Town before the Cubs were able to bring home another world series title.

You can bet that Cubs fans old and young will be talking about this win for a long, long time. Well, at least until spring training rolls around and it’s time to go at it again.  2 titles in 2 years? What goat?

To end on a connection note, if y’all kept up with Nat’s Chats last time, you read about the awesome bromance that is Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. I’d like to acknowledge the fact that the final out in Game Seven of the World Series was a ground ball that Bryant fielded and threw to Rizzo at first. It was Bryzzo that put the final nail in the Cleveland coffin.  That is all.

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