The Golf Ball Man

DUBUQUE — With spring in full gear and summer on the way, many local residents are out spending their mornings teeing off on the greens. And if you’re already running low on golf balls, one local Dubuque man has just what you need.

On the corner of Loras and Grandview sits a brick house owned by Cletus Meyer who has quite the hobby. He sells golf balls by the bucket right in his front yard.

“I went looking for golf balls when I was 9 years old,” says Dubuque resident Cletus Meyer. “I used to go with my brother over at the Country Club. I’d find golf balls and he would give me a nickel a piece and he’d sell them for a quarter a piece, so I got ripped off. That’s how I got started, and it’s been a hobby ever since.”

A hobby that Cletus has had to give up multiple times over the years…battling both esophagus and colon cancer, and those battles have definitely affected the search for his buried treasure

“I do good. I struggle through the woods looking for golf balls. I spend three hours out there and I’m pooped when I get done let me tell you.”

But nothing has ever stopped him. Through it all, Cletus can now say that he proudly owns around…

“13-14 thousand…but I’ve probably sold 20-some thousand since I’ve been here. I figure I sell close to 5,000 a year”

So while some people have an interest in collecting coins, Cletus collects them in exchange for golf balls, and it’s a hobby he’ll never give up

“I like doing it,” says the 78-year old and 2-time cancer survivor. “I enjoying going there. I sooner go look for golf balls than I would play golf. It’s…I like to do it.”

So if you’re ever in Dubuque on a sunny afternoon and in need of some golf balls…look no further…than the Golf Ball Man.

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