The city of kings

By Keegan Godwin (TheLorian)

Los Angeles is the city of champions. Just two weeks after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tamba Bay Rays in six games to win the World Series. The Dodgers ended their 32-year drought with a 3-1 victory over the Rays in the MLB’s bubble in Arlington, Texas at the Texas Rangers’ new stadium, Globe Life Park in Arlington. 

In a must-win game six for the Rays, ace Blake Snell was pitching a gem through five innings, allowing only a single hit. In the sixth inning, Snell gave up a hit after retiring the first batter which prompted Rays manager Kevin Cash to pull his ace from the game. Snell later remarked, “…the way I felt that game and what he [Cash] was able to see during that game, I don’t wanna be taken out of that game.” After pulling Snell, the Rays bullpen would go on to give up two runs, enough to seal game six for the Dodgers. 

The series was back and forth between the two ball clubs and featured dynamic pitching performances and outstanding offensive displays. Games one and five featured a historic outing from Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. In the recent World Series appearances, Kershaw has struggled to perform well under the championship pressure. This time, it was lights out from the Claw. He allowed only three runs in 11.2 innings and struck out 14 batters in his two performances. 

The offensive side was dominant as well for the Dodgers. Newly acquired Mookie Betts and World Series MVP Corey Seager showed their impressive skills to seal the championship for the Dodgers. Betts batted .269 in the World Series and knocked in three RBI’s and two home runs in his first appearance as a Dodger. Betts’s double in game six opened the scorring run for Los Angeles to capture their title. His intensity and swagger on the field captured the attention of baseball fans all throughout the playoffs, something that baseball fans have been longing for. Betts, along with other baseball superstars like Trevor Bauer, Fernando Tatis Jr, and others have been bringing a new era of baseball that fans have been craving for years. Corey Seager did everything right throughout the series with a batting average of .400 and five RBI’s with two home runs. Seager was awarded the Willie Mays World Series Most Valuable Player Award for his fantastic performance. 

The Dodgers finally completed their quest of winning a World Series after losing in 2017 and 2018. Both of the champions the Dodgers lost to came with controversy around their victories. 

In 2017, the Houston Astros faced the Dodgers in their first World Series appearance since 2005. The baseball world celebrated when they beat the Dodgers in seven games. However, that series would become one of the most infamous cheating scandals of our generation. During that 2017 and part of the 2018 season, the Astros designed a system of sign stealing where a camera would record the catcher and pitcher giving signs, then alerting the batter with a bat hitting a trash can. If a batter were to hear a bang while batting, they would know a breaking ball was coming to them, giving them an unfair advantage. The scandal has absolutely destroyed the Houston Astros reputations throughout the league.

In 2018, the Boston Red Sox were found guilty of illegally stealing signs of the opposing teams. Although it is unclear if they used these signs during the playoffs, it is clear that they stole signs during at least the regular season. 

After two cheating scandal losses, the Dodgers finally have the vindication they have been searching for. Los Angeles truly is the city of champions.

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