The Choices of an Athlete’s Diet

Athlete’s eat in the cafe just like any normal student, but they have a lot more thought going into their meals then their peers.

Feeding their bodies so that they can stay in shape and keep up with their practices is the idea around their meals at the cafe. They have many options on what they want to put on their plates, though. If it’s between pizza or a salad, each player has the decision to go with healthy or greasy.

Soccer, baseball, football, and basketball players all voice their opinions on how they feed themselves to compete at the level that they need to.

A lot of them admit that they fall into a routine though, and they usually eat the same meals everyday. Sophomore soccer player admits to this when he says, “On game day I normally get stir-fry, if it’s not game day I usually get stir-fry.”

Between desserts and fruits, walking around the cafeteria is no small obstacle for athlete’s who need to nourish their bodies, but athletes know how to fill their stomachs in all the right ways.

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