Team Chemistry in Sports

LORAS COLLEGE — Sometimes in sports we get caught up in the wins and losses, but many coaches will tell you there is something more valuable in a team than the record.

The bond among teammates is an important part of team chemistry in sports, but what does it take to produce that chemistry?

“You’re their first contact, and then they’re meeting the team second,” says Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Emily Goetz. “So when you can start breaking down the barriers and making the team comfortable in front of the other players, it helps with the team chemistry.”

“We have some scheduled team activites to kind of maybe force the team chemistry to happen a little bit more, or give them opportunities where they can start working together, getting to know each other,” says Ashley Winter, Head Softball Coach.

But what happens when there is a negative issue or reaction that affects the overall team chemistry?

“Well we want to be fair…I mean that’s a huge part of it,” explains Head Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach, Dan Rothert. “If you’re not fair and you’re treating someone that plays more differently than someone who doesn’t, you’re going to cause problems for yourself.”

Head Volleyball Coach, Jenna Ness, told SportsZONE, “The minute that they bring (negative issues) onto the court is the minute that I tell them to get off the court. I know that sounds really rude and kind of extreme, but I think it’s one of those things that if you have two players that aren’t getting along, you just have to get rid of it until they can figure it out on their own.”

So, is there a perfect formula?

“You have to approach guys differently,” says Carl Tebon, Head Baseball Coach. “Some guys are rah-rah guys, some guys are quiet guys, some guys set examples.”

Justin Heinzen, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, clarifies, “Just kind of responding to the vibes you’re getting, the messages you’re getting from captains, from the team. But I don’t know if there is a formula because it’s changed every year that I have been here.”

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