Summer Life of a Student Athlete

LORAS COLLEGE¬†– Summer time brings about many new exciting adventures with friends and family. Not to say athletes won’t be able to participate in some capacity, but they have another goal in mind: stay in shape over the summer! It is especially important for fall sport athletes because shortly after they return to campus, they begin competitions. It is very easy to stay motivated during the 9 month school year due to coaches and fellow players pushing you. However, going home and motivating yourself brings about new challenges.

“Summer is always one of those windows especially if you’re looking at fall sports. You worry about your kids going away. You know, they have been with you all year long, you’ve seen the progress. Now they are going to go try to do stuff on their own,” said Strength and Conditioning Coach Josh Edwards.

It’s obvious to see from a coach’s perspective why they want their student athletes to stay, but athletes believe that they can stay motivated regardless if they venture home or stay put in Dubuque.

“I’ll swim around 2 times a day usually and lift 3 days a week while participating for my Iowa City club team,” said sophomore swimmer Ike Casey.

“I’m going to go home, which could be a good idea, could be a bad idea. But I plan on working out with some of my buddies who also play college football,” said Football Offensive Tackle Trent Hanselmann.

With so much hype for the upcoming fall sports, it will be interesting to see the workout plans put in place for athletes that stay and athletes that head home for the summer. Also  curiosity will be running wild as we will finally see if all of that hard work in the offseason pays dividends.





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