Slow start for the Cavs

I know it’s early in the season and it’s hard to really tell for sure, but let’s talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron’s early season struggles.

Right now, the Cavs are 4-6. This is two games under .500, which for LeBron is horrible. LeBron hasn’t had a losing record in many seasons.

According to the NBA, this is the worst start that Cleveland has had since the year before LeBron first entered the league. After losing to the Pacers, the Cavs had lost three straight games by 15 points or more.

LeBron has only done this twice in his NBA career. They’ve also lost to some pretty questionable teams.

For example, the New York Knicks. The Knicks’ 2016-2017 record was an atrocious 31-51 losing record. The Cavs also have lost to the Magic and, as said earlier, the Pacers. Although the Magic are now third in the Eastern Conference with a 6-4 record, they should be nothing to the mighty LeBron James and his Cavaliers.

There could be a number of reasons for the terrible start the Cavs have faced. No. 1 is the loss of star point guard, Kyrie Irving, who was traded to the Boston Celtics. His last season averaged 25.2 points and 5.8 assists. This season, he is averaging 22.3 points and 5.7 assists a game.

Even though there has been a slight drop off from last season, both season’s averages are very impressive.

Losing Irving was a huge blow to the Cavs. Now the Cavs didn’t trade Irving for nothing. They received a comparable point guard in return. Isiah Thomas, Boston’s former point guard, was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and was expected to fill in for Irving, but instead of being able to fill his shoes, Thomas was benched by a hip injury.

This left Derrick Rose to play the point-guard position, which wasn’t too bad for the first few games, but any Chicago Bulls fan can tell you he is very injury-prone. And, of course, he soon suffered an ankle injury.

This left LeBron to play the point-guard position, which, I have to say, he did very well. In his first start at point guard, he had 34 points and 13 assists. However,  this is not LeBron’s natural position.

No matter the reason, the Cavs are not off to a good start. Hopefully, the return of Thomas will propel them into more victories. If the season goes on like this, the Cavs won’t even make it to the playoffs, as they are currently 13th in the conference, and only the top eight make it. The last time LeBron missed the playoffs was in 2010. If he doesn’t go to the playoffs this year, could it lead to the end of the LeBron James era?

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Gerrand Moody is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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