Recruiting: An Athlete’s Point of View

LORAS COLLEGE- As coaches hit the road to land big time recruits during the offseason, the current players head to the gym to make themselves better for the upcoming season. All of this is done in an effort to try and win more games.

For Duhawk football, things are looking up. At 3-7, the Duhawks made huge strides in terms of making it to their end goal of winning an IIAC Championship.

The team utilized the talents of their freshman, having multiple first year starters on both sides of the ball.

Having this youth can be encouraging, and frustrating all at the same time. The future looks bright, but sometimes the players have growing pains as they mature into experienced athletes. Those growing can be hard for a young athlete, and when the coaches tell their players that they are going after recruits more talented than them, one has to wonder how that makes the athletes feel?

The answer is different from player to player, but for first years Bob Kelly and Nolan Davis, it fires them up. They understand that the better players that come in, the better chances they have to win. When it comes to the idea of a recruit taking over a starting job, both Bob and Nolan welcome the competition. Because after all, competition breads success, and every player loves to win.


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Aidan is a sophomore at Loras College from Port Washington, WI. Aidan was an Associate Producer of SportsZONE last fall. This year, Aidan is a Co-producer and Anchor of Sports Shorts for LCTV News, and remains an Associate Producer and reporter for SportsZONE. Aidan enjoys working Live Sports, having experience announcing color, directing, and crewing those shows.

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