NFL Violence

Adults over the years have been vocal about football causing children to become more violent. It still is not clear whether that is true or not but one thing is clear: the National Football League has an off-field problem with their athletes being violent in public situations. The most recent story out of the NFL surrounds Kareem Hunt.

On Friday, Nov. 30, TMZ released a video of Hunt in an altercation with a woman inside a Cleveland hotel in February. Cleveland Police did not charge Hunt or the other party because they could not determine if a crime had been committed. From the videos, it is clear Hunt went overboard by shoving, hitting, and kicking the victim. Friends of Kareem said it all took place after the girl was upset because she was told to leave. What they said prompted her to call Hunt a racial slur. Kareem’s friend also said the woman pushed a female friend of his.

After the video was released, the NFL placed Hunt on the Commissioner Exempt list. Hunt was released after the league made this known. The Kansas City Chiefs made it aware that they knew about the situation and that they had looked into it while also speaking to Hunt. After seeing the video (which they did not find or view), it was clear his statement did not match up. The release stated, “Kareem was not truthful in those discussions. The video released today confirms the fact. We are releasing Kareem immediately.”

It was not the first time the NFL has failed to properly deal with similar situations. Whether it is domestic violence or violence, the NFL must prove to their fans and future fans that they will take every step in their power to get all the evidence in such cases. Each time a story like this arises, it feels like we just got done hearing about the previous one. Stories like one’s involving Ray Rice, Tyreek Hill, Ezekiel Elliot have stained the National Football League and the only way for them to fix this is making matters right. This would include meeting with all parties, making the necessary punishments, proper rehabilitation, and anything that seems fit by the NFL and those that work with those who have experienced domestic violence and violence in general.

Monday, Dec. 10, Kareem Hunt was not picked up on waivers by another team thus making him a free agent. If he is signed, he will return to the Commissioner Exempt list

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