NFL Draft: A reflection

The 2018 NFL Draft is over. It was here and gone in a flash. Now we are left to look over what our favorite team has done and decide if this year’s draft class was a win or a bust. Coming into the draft, there were quarterbacks that were hyped up. Since they’re the centerpiece of a team, we are going to look at who went where.

Starting off the draft was Baker Mayfield. Mayfield was picked in the first round, which was no shocker. He came into the draft showing great physical power, but his personality doomed him to drop out of the top 10 picks. Cleveland felt Mayfield had talent that they wanted to tap into. He attended Oklahoma University, was a one time All-American and received the Heisman Trophy last season (2017). Cleveland took him at number one overall, even though they had recently acquired Tyrod Taylor. With Mayfield’s skillset, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was the starter in the early weeks of the season.

Playing second fiddle was Sam Darnold. The New York Jets took Darnold at number three overall. The Jets were dying for some quarterback talent. It seems they thought Darnold could be their franchise quarterback. He comes from USC and was a starter the last two seasons. Darnold might be starting early next season, but the Jets also snagged Teddy Bridgewater who was a serviceable quarterback in Minnesota. The competition between Bridgewater and Darnold will be something to keep our eyes on.

The next quarterback to be taken in the draft was Josh Allen. He was selected by the other New York team, the Buffalo Bills, who traded up to take Allen at number seven overall. Coming from the University of Wyoming, Allen played in 27 games during his time there. He made two bowl game appearances as well.

Next up is Josh Rosen. Rosen was selected at number 10 overall. He was taken by the Arizona Cardinals. Rosen comes from UCLA and played three seasons there. After Carson Palmer got hurt last season, the Cardinals didn’t have a whole lot of talent in the quarterback unit, so the Cardinals were in need of a quarterback. Now that they have acquired Rosen, they look to compliment David Johnson’s skills at the running back position. It also appears that the veteran Larry Fitzgerald will have a talented quarterback throwing to him next season.

The final quarterback to be selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft was Lamar Jackson. The Ravens traded up with the Eagles to select the quarterback out of Louisville. Lamar has played at Louisville over the last three years. While playing he earned one All-American and the Heisman in 2016. The Ravens have veteran quarterback Joe Flacco, who has been said to be the week one starter next year. However, this could change. Jackson was one the weakest quarterbacks in this selection, and it makes sense that he was the last to go in the first round. However, this could be wrong and Jackson could strive in the NFL. We will have to wait until next season to find out.

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James Kappes is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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