New year, new NFL

by James Kappes

A lot has been booming lately in the NFL and we are only two weeks in. The Browns don’t seem to be doing too bad. In week one they tied with the Steelers. They also gave the Saints a run for their money in week two, just falling short in a 21-18 game. They were chipping away at the Saints until the fourth quarter when Drew Brees and company made a comeback. However, they aren’t looking like Cleveland.

The Chiefs, who traded Alex Smith in the off-season, have turned to their one-year pro quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been more than suitable this year. He has already set a record for NFL touchdown passes in three weeks, and there’s only been two games so far. He’s tossed for a total of 10 touchdowns in two games. In week one, he tossed four touchdowns against the Chargers defense. Then in week two, he went even higher, stacking up six touchdowns fighting off the Steelers defense. Mahomes is also perfect on the season. He’s snagged these touchdowns without any interceptions. Therefore, the coaching staff either got super lucky with their call of trading away the veteran and tossing the rookie in, or knew what they were doing. Either way, the Chiefs are looking great early in the season.

Kirk Cousins, the newly made Vikings quarterback, has done pretty well in his debut. He has thrown a total of six touchdowns and one interception. So far, the acquiring of Kirk Cousins seems to be beneficial for the Vikings. Fans will have to wait and see what more this season has for the veteran.

This NFL season has been an electrifying one and it is only week two. There is much more to come. With 14 more games to go, the NFL looks to be a bit more competitive this year.

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James Kappes is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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