New Skatepark and Updated Pool in Flora Park’s Future


Skatepark Final Design Approved

Skateboarders will soon have a new skatepark.

A final design plan and location for a new skatepark was approved by a 7-0 vote from the City Council Monday night.

The $800,000 concrete design has $600,000 committed from the city and the remaining $200,000 will need to be raised by the community.

Fundraising efforts are being led by a local nonprofit, Kids in Dubuque Skate, and nearly $18,000 has already been raised.

The next step will be the city developing a request for proposal, before building hopefully begins in Spring 2018 says City Parks Division Manager, Steve Fehsal.


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Photos of final skatepark design and past information:

For more information on Kids in Dubuque Skate, including how to get involved or donate: KIDS Webpage

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Public Pools: Repair or Replace?

The city also voted 7-0 to receive and file a report completed by MSA Professional Services and Water Technology, which examined the state of the city’s public swimming pools.

It was estimated that the pools would require yearly maintenance of $487,000 to $765,000 for the next five to six years.

Along with their operating costs this could lead to $5 million in city spending over that time.

The other option, which is replacing Sutton and Flora pool, would cost $7.8 and $9.8 million respectively.

City officials will continue to explore these options in future discussions and meetings.

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