New hurdle for volleyball

By Keegan Godwin (TheLorian)

COVID Alert Yellow; that is what Assistant Dean of Student Molly Burrows Schumacher notified students on Sept. 18. During the week of Sept. 11 to Sept. 17, Loras saw an additional 85 students and employees test positive for COVID-19. The school stressed to not gather in large groups either inside or out. Those who do gather in small groups should do so outside. Also, designated athletic teams will cease operations, meaning no practices, facility use, or locker room use. These are all done in efforts to combat the virus and slow the spread. One of those teams that have been affected is both the men and women’s volleyball teams.

On Sept. 17, it was announced that the men’s volleyball team would be placed on athletic quarantine – meaning no practice, weight room use, or entry into the Athletic and Wellness Center until Oct. 1. However, the women’s team has been placed on full quarantine to help combat the rising cases on campus. Both teams were notified by Athletic Director Denise Udelhofen and protocols were put in place effective immediately.

Being told to stop playing the sport you love is no easy task, especially with this type of disappointment becoming more and more frequent in these times of uncertainty. Everyone on the men and women’s teams are aware that doing this is the best chance of everyone having a season, so these actions are taken very seriously.

“I think while we go through this time we have to stay positive and look forward to the next time we can go out onto the court… It’s easy to view this situation as a negative but understanding all the little things makes the experience more rewarding in the long run,” said senior Patrick Hollander.

Many of the players from both teams are finding more and more spare time in their schedules with the pause on the training seasons right now.

“It’s really tough not being able to have your season when you were expecting it but we all have the same goals to play as much of a season as we can when we can,” said sophomore Abbey Kwiatkoski.

The future is uncertain not just for volleyball, but for every sport. At the moment, both teams are slated to return to practices and training in two weeks’ time. It is everyone’s hope that by following these protocols and procedures, sports will be back in the spring-time and everyone can get back a sense of normality. Like junior David Beach stated, “Always start the day with a positive mental attitude.” When, not if, the volleyball season begins for both teams, the Duhawks will be eager and ready to get back at it.

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