New Coaches to Loras College

DUBUQUE – Loras College became home for sixteen new coaches this year. Sam Koenig, a Loras Alumni, who played soccer here, came back to Loras to coach the women’s Lacrosse team this spring.

Along with Sam, we welcomed four more new head coaches.

Matt Pucci, who used to be the Assistant soccer coach, moved to the lead spot for Women’s Soccer.

Dan Mulligan, is now the men’s Golf Coach, which is a position he was born for with a last name like “Mulligan”.

Chris Martin, who was hired last year, is at the head of the Men’s Basketball team.

T.J. Miller was promoted to the head wrestling coach after Randy Steward retired last year.

Brit Kent, a Loras alumni, came back to campus to coach the Women’s Golf team.

Along with those six new head coaches, we hired eleven new assistant coaches:

Trevor Kittleson- Top Wrestling Assistant Coach

Travis Olson- Assistant Baseball Coach

Jacob Oswald- Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

Kevin Cavers- Assistant Soccer Coach for Men’s and Women’s

Jenna Sullivan- Assistant Director of Athletic Communications/ Assistant Women’s Volleyball

Kati Wubben- Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Gabe Miller- Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

Matt Steffan- Football Assistant Coach

Logan Kuehl- Football Assistant Coach

Time Mikeworth- Football Assistant Coach

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Allison is a senior at Loras and the Executive Producer of SportsZONE. She is a double major in Media Studies and Creative Writing. She has interned at KCRG and looks to continue her career in broadcasting after graduation.

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